Counselling Psychology at Ramsgate, NSW  

Counselling Psychology at Ramsgate, NSW

BayWellbeing opened in the southern Sydney suburb of Ramsgate in 2017 to address the growing need to support individuals, couples, children and families in the St George area. The psychology practice primarily provides counselling, but also offers formal psychological assessment and treatment programs for adults and children.

Why Choose Us?
We have:

* A passion for helping people.

* Decades of professional experience.

* Access to the latest approaches and techniques.

* Appropriate qualifications and registration.

* A warm and compassionate approach.

* Experience working with different types of people and problems.

* Appropriate qualifications and registration.

* Up-to-date with the latest approaches and techniques.

* Experienced working with many different types of people and problems.

* An approach that balances reflection with action and strategies.

* A focus that puts clients at the center of their own treatment where they are fully aware of the approach being taken and why.